Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Who or what makes up Unified Picks?

Unified Picks is a small team of sports enthusiasts with experience in data science and engineering.  Our sole focus is providing meaningful content to our subscribers by executing analytics against a variety of data models to better predict sports outcomes.

  • Can I share my login or subscription with another person(s)?

No – sharing logins is strictly prohibited.  If you are suspected or found to be sharing a subscription or login information, your account is subject to immediate suspension or termination.

  • Which subscriptions are recurring?

Currently, we only offer recurring billing for our Monthly package.  This means charges will be billed automatically at the end of the subscription.  This is our best value package for $30/month.  All other subscription packages require the user to manually renew his/her subscription.

  • What is your refund policy?

All subscription sales executed through Unified Picks are FINAL.  There are absolutely NO refunds.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes – you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time.  Cancellations will take effect at the end of your outstanding subscription period.  There is no prorated transaction or subscription available.

  • Is this site secure?

Unified Picks takes security very seriously.  We strive to implement and maintain reasonable, commercially accepted security procedures and practices.  We use SSL technology to ensure any personal information is encrypted and secure.

  • Why is the Premium content priced so low?

Several reasons!  As previously noted, we are a small team – so low overhead.  Also, the service we are providing is very straightforward.  We are not hosting user dashboards, creating specialty tool sets, or building any interactive systems.  We are providing a simple service to our subscribers by running analytics, finding advantage scenarios, and providing picks.  Lastly, we wanted to offer an affordable alternative to comparable sites/services charging outrageous amounts of money for picks, subscriptions, or access to advanced statistics.  We feel data driven sports predictions can be provided at a reasonable cost!


  • Does Unified Picks guarantee any of their picks?

No – we do NOT guarantee any of our picks.  We are simply reporting the data output of our analytics.

  • What is a ‘Multi-Model Match’?

A Multi-Model Match is a pick where our analytic output has noted a discrepancy with the posted odds of an event.  This discrepancy is typically shared across a majority of several data models; however, the output also notes dissenting or contradicting models opposing this majority.

  • What is a ‘Unified Pick’?

A Unified Pick is an overwhelming Multi-Model Match with NO dissenting or contradicting models or predictions.  The output of the data models appear UNIFIED in a specific direction.

    • Will all events have a pick as a ‘Unified Pick’ or ‘Multi-Model Match’?

    No – we are only providing picks for specific events where the analytical output has noted a clear discrepancy with the posted odds.  We are doing the heavy lifting for you to identify potential advantage scenarios.

    • How many picks with be provided each day?

    This is dependent primarily upon two factors:  1) How many events are running each day?  2)  Does our analytics output see an advantage scenario?

    It could be 1.  It could be 20.  There is no way to tell until the numbers are generated.

    • Where do you get your odds from?

    Due to the nature of the data, we cannot list specific sources; however, the odds noted as a part of our picks are in line with what most Las Vegas sportsbooks reflect.

    • What type of picks are provided?

    Picking against the spread, over/under lines, and the moneyline will be the primary pick types.

    • Are Free Picks provided every day?

    One or two Free Picks may be provided on most days; however, there is no guarantee that a free pick(s) will be provided each day.

    • How often are your picks updated?

    This again depends on the number of events running on a particular day, the timing of such events, and updats made to the data models.  Generally, speaking we try to update our picks 2-3 times per day; however, frequency can be increased or decreased depending on the events and the analytic outputs.

    • Why don’t you pick soccer, golf, tennis, or other sports?

    As you have certainly noted on our site, we are completely data focused.  We therefore only focus on sports where we feel there is sufficient data to evaluate potential advantage scenarios.  At this time, this will only encapsulate data relating to the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL.  This is subject to change in the future.

    • Can you give me more details about the data or data models you are using?  What analytics are you running?

    This is proprietary to Unified Picks, and we cannot provide any additional details regarding our analytics or related procedures.

    • Can I see the results of Unified Picks?

    Transparency is very important to us.  As we view Unified Picks as a tool for our subscribers to use, we are upfront with the history of our picks.  While we are NOT actively tracking results, we are leaving our pick history visible to users.  All picks under the Premium section will remain visible for 48-72 hours after the event has started.  Additionally, we will often note our picks on Twitter and Instagram after the event has started.  These picks will remain for all users to review on social media.

    • Can you email me picks?

    No, we cannot email picks due to the ever-changing nature of the events we are monitoring and the related outputs.  Please monitor our Premium section for updates related to picks.

    • What am I supposed to do with these picks?

    That is completely up to you – as long as it’s legal!

    We view Unified Picks as an entertainment and information tool related to major American sports.  We hope our picks give you better insights into what the data says about these sporting events!

    • Why should I trust these picks?

    We know that trust is earned.  There are a variety of methods to see what we’re all about:  monitor our free picks, monitor our social media, or sign up for a short term subscription.  We highly recommend starting off with a Day Pass or Week subscription to see if Unified Picks is the right fit for you.  If it is, we then recommend signing up for a recurring Monthly Pass since it’s the best value!  We’ve made our subscription plans affordable, so that your risk is low!