Predictive Power

It's no secret that data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and an increased focus on statistics has greatly impacted predictive technologies recently, particularly with sports outcomes. 

But what should you be looking for?  Which model or method is the best?  What helps pick winners more accurately?

Knowledge - or in this case DATA - is power!  Unified Picks leverages that!

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Multi-Model Method

At Unified Picks, we ask:  Why rely on just one source?    

Instead of trusting a single expert, prediction output, or analytical method, we reduce risk and increase prediction accuracy by interpreting data across multiple data models.   Our analysis identifies the top advantage plays, which we pass on to our subscribers!

Affordable Analytics

You could spend hundreds - even thousands of dollars - subscribing to a SINGLE data model or prediction service....OR you can reap the benefits of several predictive models at an affordable price!

With introductory rates as low as $1/day, you can get access to our Premium subscriber content that we call our Unified Picks!  Our team crunches the numbers, finds opportunities, and updates our Premium section daily with the details!

  Understand Our Strategy
  What We Do...


Data Driven Difference

You will NOT find the "Lock of the Day" or "Pick Of The Century" at Unified Picks.  We simply  analyze data and tell you where the potential advantage plays exist.

We are only analyzing models for sports where extensive data and corresponding data models exist.  Currently, that will consist exclusively of MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.  

We are NOT analyzing the games.  We are analyzing the data and associated predictive models surrounding those games.

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